Our Processes - Online Video Specialists


  • Firstly, we meet with you to understand your business.

  • Online videos enable you to have a greater level of emotional connectivity with your audience so undertaking a needs analysis of your business will enable us to determine the best digital video solution for you.

  • We need to know who your target market is and to understand your key marketing or communication objectives.

  • Your video can be used to promote and advertise your online business via your website or other channels to communicate with your audience

  • We produce educational, informational, experiential as well as corporate promotional videos.


  • We’ll work with you to create a video that promotes your business and tells your story specifically to your requirements.

  • You can leave the creative process to us – We’ll create a storyline and then we’ll do the detail – we’ll write the script, arrange the talent, book voice overs and music if needed, find a location and ensure everything happens to the deadlines we have agreed with you.

  • We can shoot the video inside, outside, onsite, at a location of your choice or at our studio, and you can leave us to do the detail and keep things running smoothly on production day.

  • We’ve got the latest digital photographic equipment and we guarantee a video production of the highest quality.


  • We work as part of your team to ensure you achieve your business objectives.

  • We want to maximize the viewing of your video so we’ll deliver the video in the format you prefer, assist in the integration of the video into your website, help distribute through social media and provide you with all the links to enable you to link directly to the video.

  • We’ll work with your advertising/ graphics /marketing/digital media people to ensure the quality is consistent to your brand.

  • We guarantee to meet your deadlines so you can rely upon us to provide a service and product at an affordable price that you deserve.