Corporate Promotional Videos – Online Video Specialists

A corporate promotional video gives you great emotional connectivity with your clients, employees and all stakeholders.

Our role at Online Video Specialists is to help present and promote your business on your website, on YouTube, or on whatever digital media you choose.


Your corporate promotional video can be used at workshops, conferences, roadshows or any event to promote your business.


Clients can view your video whilst waiting in your reception area.


Our vast experience in producing quality videos means we can guarantee you a corporate video you will be proud of.

When you work with Online Video Specialists we provide a full service, from initial concept through to final product. We will:


  • Work with you to identify your precise target audience

  • Work with your graphics/marketing/digital media people to ensure brand consistency

  • Provide a full creative service, from scripting, through to securing appropriate talent and locations, to post production

  • Work within your deadlines

  • Provide a high quality video at an affordable price