Website Videos Production – Online Video Specialists

Your website is one of your most valuable promotion tools. Online Video Specialists is a video production company in New Zealand providing video for website and helps businesses & brands achieve more through video.


Including an attractive, professional video on your website is not only a great promotion method, it also makes your website exciting and engaging for the viewer

Full creative service

At Online Video Specialists we will work with you so you get exactly the video you want for your website, but we also make it easy for you. Our creative services include:

  • Everything from scripting to post production

  • Shooting the video in the location of your choice, whether inside, outside, onsite, or in our studio

  • Ensuring and arranging the best talent for the video

  • Doing voice overs

  • Sourcing appropriate music

  • Delivering the video in the format you prefer

  • Assisting in the integration of the video into your website

  • Helping to distribute the video through social media

Latest technology

We’ve got the latest digital photographic equipment and we guarantee a video production of the highest quality.

Improve you Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

We place closed captions on your video. Google and other search engines recognise words, not pictures, so a video will not help with your SEO. However, at Online Video Specialists we place closed captions on your video, including your keywords. These will not be seen by the viewer but will be ‘read’ by Google. This will help with your SEO, and get you found on the internet by your customers and clients.